artist & animation lead




November 2017

Google Pixel

Enough Is Enough


London King's Cross Rally, October 2022

Nikon D3500


To my surprise, Time Out Film reached out for rights of use

Amsterdam, November 2022

Nikon D3500

Jam Session, January 2023

Nikon D3500

Light Grey Art Lab Japan


April 2017

Samsung Galaxy S6



August 2018

Nikon D3500



July 2019

Nikon D3500

I've always enjoyed creating chracter-centric imagery. Taking photos an extension of that and I find them a great way to explore subjects, compositions, editing styles and atmospheres that speak to me. This is a selection of photos I've taken over the years and while I'm by no means a professional, it's another aspect of visual storytelling that I enjoy and feel is worth a space here.