I'm Bianca Iancu


a UK based artist,

director and

animation lead

working across

video games,


short films

and commercials.

I currently specialize in leading animation teams at Bomper Studio to create playful, stylized character animation across a range of short-form commercial projects, as well as directing a short film I envisioned. I'm passionate about adapting character-driven storytelling across different mediums and am continuously inspired by how art and technology can shape our view of the world.

❝ Bianca has demonstrated great technical knowledge and creative ability; both on the large and also smallest production details. She's also a really great problem solver and has shown a strong ability to think on her feet. Really helpful to me when I need further info or context from her, and great in client meetings. I have received nothing but positive feedback from her colleagues regarding her work, her input during meetings and general interaction. ❞


— Emlyn Davies, Executive Creative Director at Bomper Studio